Nails & Nail Art

Do you bite your nails? Are your nails always weak and brittle? Do you want to protect and strengthen your nails? Are your nails lovely already but you want to enhance and protect them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we can help. Natural Gel is a durable, flexible, chip-proof coating. Natural Gel can be applied to strengthen and condition your nails with no damage to your nails. The Natural Gel is long wearing and chip-proof, with no fumes, no odors and with a choice of over 60 beautiful colors or French Nails.

Nail Art

Getting your nails or toes done? How about getting a little something different to brighten up your nails. A little flower, some sparkling diamante’s, glitter . . . we can apply different designs such as foiling, flowers, stripes, flames and much more. Just ask us what we can do for you when you book your appointment.

It’s great fun and life shouldn’t be boring!!

Nail Biters Program

Specially designed for biters, pickers and chewers:

Week 1 – Special Occasion Tips

This enables the nail biter to have beautiful nails straight away and allows you to get use to having nails. You can have your new nails in any color or French and as you enjoy your new nails you are less inclined to bite them.

2 Weeks later

The special occasion tips are removed and the therapist assess your nails. The condition and length of the nails are taken into account to decide the next step. If your nails are still quite short, we put on new special occasion tips. If your nails are long enough, Gel is placed over your natural nail.

Home Care Products

Our home care products help to keep your nails, both gel and natural, in pristine condition. Our Bio Sculpture Executive Base will strengthen and protect your natural nail. The Cleanser contains no harsh acetone, so it can remove all polish with no stripping of the nail.  Calcrystal a Natural Gel essential, Calcrystal protects and seals the gel, while keeping a high gloss shine.

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