Facials for Men

mens-facialsDMK have created a new generation of intensive products and treatments to answer the need for Men’s skin care.

Today’s men know their skin needs specific solutions, as their skin is oilier, thicker and more acid than womens.

The daily aggression of shaving, pollution, and UV exposure all plays havoc with the skin, leaving it vulnerable to irritation and premature ageing.

It is estimated that up to 30% of all (women’s) retail skin care is used by men.

Men are aware that healthy skin and good grooming is now an essential part of our increasing competitive world.

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Deep Cleansing

30 mins – $70.0

A specialised Deep cleansing treatment for men. Double cleanse, Exfoliation, Steam Therapy, Extractions (if needed), Mask Therapy, Moisture Balance.

Master Spa Facial

60 mins – $100

An aromatic journey of the senses while restoring vital moisture and bounce to the skin.

Homme Facial

1 hr – $130.00

So much more than a traditional facial, therapeutic scalp massage and ampoule infusion for the ultimate results with specific skin conditions including: Professional skin analysis, Double cleanse, Skin exfoliation, Steam Therapy, Ampoule Infusion, Mask Therapy, Stress Relief Scalp Massage, Moisture Balance.  – Extractions extra 10 mins $50

enzyme and walnut shell steam exfoliation. Treat skin to a sebum balancing massage followed by a grapefruit and lavender french clay masque infusion. The skin is finished with a light weight vitamin and papaya gel to fight oil while revitalising tone and texture. Includes hydration for eyes and lips.

Male Maintenance

Men’s Waxing

Full Back 30 mins – $50.0
Half Back 20 mins – $30.0

Menzilian (first time )- $105

Full Menzilian 45min – $85

within 4 weeks


Chest Wax 20 mins – $30.0
Chest and Abdomen 30 mins – $55.0
Abdomen 15 mins – $30.0
Full Arms 30 mins – $40.0

Brows 10 mins – $25.0
Ears 10 mins – $16.0
Neck 10 mins – $20.0
Nose 10 mins – $16.0

Full leg and Speedo 60 mins – $80.0
Shoulder and Neck 20 mins – $30.0

Man is checking on his manicureEssential Manicure

30 mins – $40.0

Soak, cut, file, shape and buffing of the nails. Followed by cuticle work including cuticle treatment and a luxurious hand moisturiser to finish. 

Optional extras:

glycolic peel

Each add-on is an extra 10 minutes and are $10.0 ea

Master Manicure

45 mins – $65.0

This treatment includes soaking, shaping and buffing of the nails followed by cuticle work including cuticle treatment and exfoliation of lower arm and hand. A relaxing massage is applied to the hand fingers and lower arm finishing with a buff and Shine on the nail.

Optional extras:

extended massage

Each add-on is an extra 10 minutes and are $15.0 ea

Essential Pedicure

30 mins – $50.0

Luxurious foot spa to start, toenails are then clipped, shaped and buffed, cuticles are pushed back and trimmed with application of cuticle treatment. With the hardened and dead skin removed, followed by nourishing moisturiser.

Optional extras:

glycolic peel

Each add-on is an extra 10 minutes and are $15.0 ea

age-spots-body-blissMaster Pedicure

45 mins – $70.0

Starting with luxurious foot spa, toenails are then cut, filed and buffed. Cuticles are pushed back and trimmed with cuticle treatment. Dead skin is removed followed by an exfoliation massage treatment and finishing with nourishing moisturizer.

Optional extras:

extended massage
glycolic peel

Each add-on is an extra 10 minutes and are $15.0 ea


Closeup portrait of a beautiful male modelMens Massage

A full range of massage techniques customized according to your needs to treat the whole body, scalp, neck and shoulders using the healing powers of essential oils to assist in normal nervous, circulatory and lymphatic functioning. At Body Bliss we do therapeutic massage and strictly nonsexual.

30 mins – $55.0
45 mins – $75.0
60 mins – $85.0
90 mins – $130.0

Mens Package

2 hours 30 mins $240.00

Essential Manicure, Essential Pedicure, Master Ampoule Treatment and a half hour Massage.