professional tattooist making permanent make-up. attractive lady getting facial care and tattoo

Professional tattooist applying permanent eye-liner tattoo.

Wakeup with Makeup! Look like you, only better. I’m so excited about Cosmetic Tattooing being available now at Body Bliss. This has been a personal passion of mine and I’m looking forward to helping you to look amazing all of the time with minimal fuss or effort.

Picture this: No need to buy eyeliner, lip liner, blush, eyebrow pencils and lipstick. Ever again! By tattooing these permanently to your face, you can feel confident no matter the day or night. It’s not overdone – you won’t look like a circus clown – but cosmetic tattooing subtly adds definition and structure to your face. This is a natural looking permanent change, adding youth, health and vitality to your appearance.

Immediately after treatment, you will see redness around the affected area and the tattoo will look incredibly strong. However, in a few days you will it begin to lessen and you can expect to lose between 30 and 50% of the colour within two weeks, leaving a very natural look.

For those times you are going out for a special occasion, you can easily supplement your existing tattoo with additional makeup for extra ‘wow’ factor.

Free consultations are available, as are special packages.

For all prices please refer to our price list
  • Top Eye-liner from $350.0
  • Bottom Eye-liner from $300.0
  • Lip liner from $350.0
  • Lip liner and blend from $500.0
  • Full Lip liner and colour from $650.0
  • Eyebrow Shadow from $395.0
  • Eyebrow Block from $395.0
  • Eyebrow Feather Strokes from $495.0

Before and After

  • Featherstroke brows 1
  • Featherstroke brows2
  • Featherstroke brows3
  • Featherstroke brows4
  • Featherstroke brows5

Prices depend on types of tattooing required and each individual will receive a quote specific to their features. Discount packages are available.