Winter is Coming! And just like GoT, we’re ruthlessly slicing prices

Winter is Coming! And just like GoT, we’re ruthlessly slicing prices


We’re into Season 7 of the most watched television show of all time. Are you still addicted? It was so popular last winter, we thought we’d do it again… who knows how much longer it’s going to last?!

White Walker Winter Warming Facial

white walker game of thrones demon animated gif


You don’t need to look like the white walker king! Your face may feel frozen and brittle but we can make it soft and supple once again. Our Paramedical DMK skincare range will give you the best results of your life! 

During winter, most complexions suffer from dry, dehydrated tight skin and reduced elasticity. Now is the time to remedy these with a facial specifically designed to alleviate symptoms. Banish those zombie demons and enjoy:

  • A Castle Black double cleanse
  • Tone and Aromatic Bolton Compress
  • Exfoliating Glycolic Peel and Rob Stark Gommage
  • Melisandre Massage of face, neck and shoulders
  • The Hound’s heat infused hydrating mask
  • White Walker intensive eye contour infusion
  • Jamie Lannister hand exfoliation and warming masque
  • Ned Stark’s Soothing Scalp massage
  • Vaerys’ Moisture Infusion

Usually $235       NOW $125

Offer Valid Till The End Of August 2017

Mother of Dragons Winter Bliss Package



The Mother of Dragons may be your favourite character but after surviving the fire, she really needed to come and visit us! We would have given her this fabulous bliss package that would have made her all clean and delicious! It’s a good thing she has those dragons to help keep her warm! But if you’re low on dragons, this treatment is the next best thing!

With the cooler months upon us, many people will suffer with dry, itchy and flaking skin, particularly on their legs and arms. To remedy this we have come up with this Winter Body Bliss Package.

The one and a half hour Package includes

  • warm Dragon Claw body scrub
  • full body Dragon Scale Brush
  • hot oil Massage – body, head, hands and feet, sans fire.
  • warmed Fire-Breath hydrating body Moisture infusion

All done on a comfy heated massage bed with hot towels and doona  (aka Dragon Doona!). Warm serenity while you are treating your dry skin.

Usually $200   NOW $120 – Save $80.00

Offer Valid Till The End Of August 2017

 DMK Tight in a Night(‘s Watch) Pack

dmk tight in a night

The Night’s Watch is a lonely and dangerous place to be. So if you’re only visiting for a night, tighten that sagging skin and feel like a million dollars. This age management therapy will have you ready to face battle with the world in just 24 hours!

Milky clean & pure is a milk based cleanser made from botanical and herbal extracts. Recommended for reactive skin types, milky clean & pure cleanses the skin without the need for harsh abrasive granules and scrubbing – ideal for delicate skins. milky clean & pure is a gentle Lauryl, Laureth Sulfate, artificial colourant and Paraben free cleanser. Discover a brighter, smoother looking complexion with deep pore pure cleanser.

DMK’s aminodine spritz does more than just revise ageing; its botanical formula is designed to actively work to smooth the appearance of cross-linked wrinkles. How it works Suitable for most premature ageing and environmentally damaged skins, the spritz contains the active ingredient, Aminoguanidine, which works to revise wrinkles and improve skin tone and colour due to its antiglycosylation effect.

Since developing direct delivery vitamin c serum with Nobel Prize winner and science icon, Dr Cathcart, the formula has remained the same for more than 35 years. direct delivery vitamin c serum is the sophisticated answer to revising the signs of biological and environmental ageing; a feat achieved by revising the skin’s texture and firmness. Recommended for most skin types, direct delivery vitamin c serum is suitable for assisting in the revision of environmental ageing, sun damage, fine lines and scarring. direct delivery vitamin c serum contains a specially designed high concentration of a pharmaceutical grade blend of vitamin C, three additional powerful antioxidants and vitamin B4, which is added for faster and superior revision.

seba-e contains a fractionated blend of herbal lipids & vitamin E designed to replicate the skin’s natural sebum; these ingredients serve to nourish and hydrate your skin whilst protecting it from the harsh effects of the environment. seba-e is a blend of botanical oils and tocopherol, fractionated to blend with herb & mineral mist. This aims to hold the nutrient rich herbal formulas in the skin for hours, reviving the acid mantle. seba-e has been developed with an aim to mimic the natural secretions of our skin which are essential for cell life.

Designed to revise firmness and elasticity within the skin, nite firming crème is an antioxidant rich crème recommended for those whose skin is showing the effects of ageing and environmental damage. DMK nite firming crème contains proanthacyanides – super antioxidants which are fifty times more powerful than vitamin E. These antioxidants aim to help offset free radical attack which is a common cause of ageing. nite firming crème also contains essential fatty acids and vitamins plus grape pip extract for a home revision facial treatment for the face and neck.

NOW ONLY $295  save $79 with FREE toiletry bag!

Available while stocks last


The REAL YOU RF Facelift

red witch got game of thrones old lady sagging


It’s time to reveal who you really are and show off your inner beauty. But you aren’t hundreds of years old like Melisandre so why look it?  Body Bliss can offer you a no-injection, non-invasive facelift! NO MAGIC NECKLACE NEEDED! Using RF (Radio-frequency) we can create a tighter skin, glowing complexion and smaller pore size.

Mini RF Facelift – 30 mins: Normally $95      NOW $85

A double cleanse; hyaluronic acid infusion; radio frequency of lower face; transdermal nutrition infusion.

Deluxe RF Facelift– 1 hour: Normally $145     NOW $99

A double cleanse; micropeel exfoliation; hyaluronic acid infusion; radio frequency of the face and neck; calming, soothing and healing face masque, transdermal nutrition infusion.

Signature RF Facelift– 90 mins: Normally $175  NOW $129

A double cleanse; micropeel exfoliation; hyaluronic acid infusion; radio frequency of the face and neck; slip mat back massage; alginate rubber mask, transdermal nutrition infusion.

Special Offer: this season only, DMK Muscle Banding with RF Facelift for only $99 extra! This treatment is designed to lift and tighten tired, sagging facial muscles by sending deep, contracting signals to the muscle. In fact, any of the 57 muscles of the face, except the mouth and under the eyes, can be helped to passively contract and constrict with this remarkable treatment. This treatment is ideal for men and women who are just starting to show signs of sagging at specific points of the face, mainly the 35 – 45 age group. Muscle banding is also an excellent treatment choice for rosacea, red veined skin, fragile capillaries or weak skin.

If you miss this offer, Melisandre will give you this look!

melisandre gif pshawing


You don’t mess with the Red Witch!

Receive Muscle Banding for only $99, normally $220 with any RF Facelift!

Note: People with electrical devices e.g., pacemakers, or metal implants e.g., artificial metal hip joints, heart valves or dental plates, cannot be treated because RF current flowing through the body may interfere with these devices or heat up metal implants, which could be dangerous.
Valid until August 30, 2017


Anti-Khal Drogo Cosmetic Tattooing Offer

jason google


Ok, we know Khal is long dead, but with those rugged good looks he’s not forgotten (we’re still dreaming of those steely, piercing eyes). You may not want to be as tattooed as Khal but you sure can have stand out eyes and brows with our semi-permanent makeup!

So while you’re fantasising over Khal Drogo, let us tell you about the Anti-Khal Drogo Cosmetic offer!


Beauty female eye with curl long false eyelashes

Rhyl is intensively trained in advanced cosmetic tattooing and masters the brow techniques that are trending now. The “Powdered brows” and “Feather strokes” are the ultimate in natural glam. Give your face a break from the constant drudgery of applying eyebrow pencils and powder. Tattooed eyebrows look far more natural and are longer lasting. Darryl’s experienced hand can give your face the definition and sophistication you’ve been craving.

Powdered brows are normally $395 and Feather Stroking is normally $495. But just for this season, and only because we like you, you can get BOTH done for only $450 complete. A perfecting treatment is performed in 4-8 weeks and is only an additional $50 extra and includes both styles. Your end result for only $550 is a soft powdered effect with feather strokes on top. This is an unbeatable offer and if you’ve ever deliberated getting your eyebrows done, NOW IS THE TIME.

Don’t delay. Places ARE limited, and at this price, we know that they will be quick to fill up.


Powdered Brows with Feather Strokes + Perfecting Treatment, ONLY $550

Available until end of August 2017

EFA Ultra – Sansa’s Fountain of Youth Pill

9ed6c560-c055-0132-46bc-0e9062a7590a (Small)

Nobody does regal like Sansa Stark – She’s is one fierce and beautiful girl! We think she should be taking EFA Ultra to keep her young and strong to help her in her epic quests!  

efa ultraBody Bliss use and recommend DMK’s EFA Ultra, DMK’s signature supplement, which now provides the FULL group of essential fatty acids 3, 6, 7 and 9 – essential for bouncy skin, internal health AND your waistline! With the addition of pure organic Coconut Oil and Undaria Pinnatifida (Mekabu) Seaweed, the new and improved essential fatty acid formulation by DMK is designed for inner health and outer beauty – and is our most powerful formulation yet!

EFA Ultra has been formulated to:

• Relieve symptoms associated with dry skin

• Act as an inflammatory mediator

• Reduce the risk of moisture loss within the skin

• Protect against cellular damage and

• Provide antioxidants for the maintenance of good health


Pure Organic Coconut Oil: Comprised of predominantly medium-chain essential fatty acids, Coconut Oil contains a complex blend of rich fatty acids, which have been show to have positive effects on: cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, weight loss, immunity, and healing.

Undaria Pinnatifida (Mekabu) Seaweed: Jam-packed full of bioactive compounds, including Fucoidan, Mekabu Seaweed has been shown to have positive effects on: blood sugar levels, blood pressure, liver function, hair growth, inflammation and immunity as well as combating glycation, which affects skin elasticity and the physical signs of ageing.

There are many essential fatty acid supplements; however none have the incredible skin reviving powers of the synergistic blend of DMK EFA Ultra.

Body Bliss recommends use of EFA Ultra by everyone but especially for those suffering

  • Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis – helps retain
  • Acne skin
  • Aging, dehydrated skin
  • Relieving premature breast pain and PMS
  • Inflamed reactive skin
  • Maintaining water balance in the body
  • Regulates all cell functions
  • Improved condition of hair and nails.

We stock EFA Ultra in salon with 120 capsules for $68. But while stocks last, we are offering you a 2 for 1 deal. YES, that’s 2 EFA Ultra’s for only $68!

Recommended usage is 2 in the morning and 2 at night for the first 14 days and then 1 in the morning and 1 at night thereafter. Consult your doctor before using DMK EFA Ultra if you have a serious medical condition or are pregnant or breast feeding.

2 for 1 of EFA Ultras

ONLY $68! (save $68)

While Stocks Last