The Skin Fitness programs – Soleil

Our Skin Fitness programs are a holistic approach to healthy skin. To achieve this, we need to nurture the body, mind and spirit.

To that end, we have enlisted the help of psychologist and counsellor, Soliel Poynton B.A. Psych, Grad Dip Psych, Dip Sport, Dip Art, Dip Management.

Soleil Poynton


I am here to lead you back to you: to a place of self-love and self-empowerment so you can shine.

When you are in alignment body, mind and spirit, your skin glows and you radiate good health and happiness

Emotional aspects to Skin Fitness:

  • When you think about the face you put forward, your masks and any shame or embarrassment you may carry, this came come through in your skin too.

Are self-sabotage patterns holding you back?

  • Often we want to make changes to our diet, exercise or skin care regime, but our self sabotage patterns come into play. Such as:
    • ‘its too hard’
    • ‘there are other more important things’ to spend money on (not me).
    • ‘I don’t have the time’
    • ‘what’s the point’

These are old sabotage habits that hold you back from shining to your capacity and you can get rid of them with a little help.

Stuck in the stress merry go round

  • Your thoughts determine your reality and whether you decide to have a stressful life or not. When you choose stress:
    • your skin and health reflects it on a physical and emotional level
    • You experience adrenal fatigue and lethargy
    • your sleep is affected
    • and your immune system compromised so you get sick easily and take longer to recover

The thing we have most control over in life is our own happiness and this is determined by how we view life around us.

Losing momentum

  • Once you start making changes, often things seem worse before they get better as impurities of body, mind and spirit come up to be cleared. This can cause us to feel like giving up or like we are going backwards, when instead we are having a ‘healing crisis’ and it will pass.

So how do we shift these things?

I work using a variety of counselling and coaching modalities, to help you identify, re-frame and apply new behaviours and attitudes, release stress, relax more and remove the blocks and barriers to you shining your brightest, revealing the brightest version of yourself. I help you reconnect with your divine spark.