waterlily-skin-body-spaWaterlily Spa Facial Therapies

Petit Facial

A cleansing facial to offer a quick pick me up.

Brighten, nourish and revitalize the complexion using a selection of nourishing cold pressed plant oils, natural botanicals , French clay and a hydrating infusion of aromatic essential oils. 40 mins – $70.00

Signature Purifying Botanical Facial 

A therapeutic facial designed to deeply cleanse and de congest problematic acne prone skin

A clarifying infusion of active ingredients deeply decongests and detoxifies while balancing the skins natural pH. A double cleanse is followed by a kiwi fruit enzyme steam exfoliation. Relax during a cold pressed oil balancing massage and purifying French clay masque. Finish with an antioxidant hydration treatment to promote healing and repair. Includes hydration for eyes and lips. 60 mins – $90.00

Signature Hydrating Botanical Facial 

A Visibly rejuvenating facial treatment to boost hydration, nourish and replenish the akin while revitalising tone and texture

Begin with a deep moisture locking cleanse followed by a Pink French clay and an exotic fruit gommage exfoliation. Melt into an exquisite reconditioning massage infused with potent vitamin complex and passionflower crème masque. Finish with a rich Moroccan rose moisture treatment to promote a dewy youthful complexion. Includes hydration for eyes and lips. 60 mins – $90.00

Anti Ageing Eye Treatment 

A revitalizing layered treatment designed for the delicate eye area

Skin firmness, elasticity, tone and texture are plumped and reconditioned. Begin with a gentle cleanse and enzyme fruit exfoliation to smooth away dead skin. An infusion of marine collagen, white tea and an intense vitamin complex is layered underneath a raspberry and spirulina French clay masque. Finish with a whipped rose-hip and Moroccan rose hydration boost. 20 mins – $35.00

Men’s Zone Botanical Facial 

A Therapeutic Facial Treatment designed for men to rebalance and revitalise

Begin with a lime and white tea double cleanse followed by a fruit enzyme and walnut shell setam exfoliation. Treat skin to a sebum balancing massage followed by a grapefruit and lavender french clay masque infusion. The skin is finished with a light weight vitamin and papaya gel to fight oil while revitalising tone and texture. Includes hydration for eyes and lips. 60 mins – $90.00


Waterlily Spa Body Treatments

Botanical Barefoot Treatment 

Foot Soak, Cuticle Work, Shape & Buff, Foot & Leg Exfoliation, Foot Masque, Hydrating Moisture Massage and Polish

Using the ancient techniques of massage, aromatherapy and pure botanicals this aromatic foot treatment relieves stress and tension while enhancing relaxation and general well being. Leaving feet smooth enough to kiss! Feet and legs will be treated to an essential oil steeped foot soak, bamboo and pineapple exfoliation followed by a stimulating French clay masque. This decadent treatment finishes with a rich spearmint and ginkgo foot treatment crème. 60 mins – $85.00

Moroccan Rose Hand Treatment

Hand Soak, Cuticle Work, Shape & Buff, Hand & Arm Exfoliation, Hand Masque, Hydrating Moisture Massage and Polish

Replenish beautiful hands and nails with an essential oil steeped hand soak followed by a raspberry crème and walnut smoothing exfoliation. A rejuvenating hand massage is infused with cocoa butter and French clay masque. This luxurious treatment is finished with an exotic moisture boost rich in guava, Moroccan rose and vitamins. 60 mins – $85.00

Hydrating Fruit Body Wrap 

Smoothing, Firming & Toning

Relax as skin is massaged with a papaya fruit enriched clay and walnut smoothing crème polish, layered with an intoxicating guava, peach and raspberry mineral rich clay cacoon. Infused with an hypnotic blend of citrus rind essential oils and active vitamins to visibly rejuvenate and replenish devitalised skin. 2 hours – $205.00

Organic Honey & Cocoa Body Wrap 

Deeply emollient for dry sensitive and sun kissed skin

Experience the ultimate full body rejuvenation ritual. Begin with a papaya and walnut smoothing exfoliation, followed by a French clay cocoon of rich cocoa and organic honey steeped in a vanilla crème masque. Once removed this sensory journey is complete with a full body hazelnut and vanilla bean hydration treatment. 2 hours – $205.00

Purifying Marine Body Wrap 

Deeply detoxifying targeting cellulite, skin tone and texture

A deeply detoxifying body treatment designed to combat congested, uneven and cellulite prone skin. Begin with a lemongrass crème and walnut smoothing exfoliation, followed by a stimulating blue volcanic clay cocoon infused with active marine extracts, cypress, and grapefruit. Once removed this revitalising treatment is complete with a replenishing full body hydration treatment. 2 hours – $205.00

Spiced Chai Tisane Body Wrap 

Warming, Strengthening and fortifying

Begin with a vanilla bean crème body exfoliation followed by a stimulating cacoon of mineral rich pure French clay peppered with a traditional infusion of fragrant Indian spices steeped in green tea crème to tone, revitalise and support the skin. Warming notes of star anise, cinnamon black pepper and cardamom strengthen, tone and rejuvenate, while pure plant oils deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. Finish with lashings of vanilla bean and shea butter whipped into a deliciously hydrating moisturiser to rejuvenate tone and renew. 2 hours – $205.00

Princess Royal Body Wrap 

Full Body Exfoliation, Body Brushing, Nourishing Princess Royal Wrap Cacoon, Hydrating Moisture Massage. 2 hours – $205.00

Pink Frangipani Body Wrap 

Full Body Exfoliation, Body Brushing, Nourishing Pink Frangipani Wrap Cacoon, Hydrating Moisture Massage. 2 hours – $205.00