[gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#FFFFFF” background_color=”#008B8B” corner_color=”#40E0D0″ ]the-brow-doctor-150x150[gdlr_dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#555555″]#[/gdlr_dropcap]Brows! Brows, brows, BROWS. Oh, and BrOwS! Did I mention how much I love brows? They call me the brow doctor and for good reason. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but you’re going to love me. Actually your brows will. You see, I have a VERY SPECIAL relationship with brows. I understand them. I know what they need. I know how to make them feel good and look elegant and especially designed to suit your individual face. And brows love me back. They know I’ll provide them with the gentlest, most loving care and that I’ll make you look incredible just by re-shaping and sculpting!

At Body Bliss, we believe that beautiful eyebrows are a right, not a privilege. [/gdlr_styled_box]

Eyebrow Grooming is an art that the multi-award winning Body Bliss Health and Beauty Retreat is highly specialised in. We believe that eyebrows are the single most important feature of your face – and should be treated as such. The correct eyebrow shape can completely change and rejuvenate your whole look. Darryl uses a combination of muscle testing and

Specialist Brow Design

A specialist in brow shaping and sculpting, brow waxing and brow corrections, Darryl is Brisbane and Redcliffe’s leading Eyebrow Specialist.

desirable eye brow shapes

Above: Desirable shapes

brow bloopers

Above: Brow bloopers

The Brow Doctor

Brow Correcting Consultation with the Brow Doctor – Brow Design, Brow Sculpt, Brow Tint, Face Mapping and maintenance lesson  – 30 mins  $79.0

Brow Sculpt (initial)  – 15 mins $45.0
Brow Sculpture 4 week rebook – 15 mins $31.0

Lash and Brow Tinting

Give brows extra definition. Brow tinting can enhance your brows, while correcting patchy, sparse or uneven brows.

Brow Tinting 15 mins  $15.0
Brow Straightening 30 mins  $50.0
Brow Bleaching 30 mins   $40.0

Lash tinting makes the lashes appear longer and thicker without needing mascara. Our lash tinting is gentle with little or no discomfort. To give extra curl and definition to the lashes, try having them permed.

Lash Tinting 20 mins   $22.0
Lash Perming 40 mins   $60.0
Lash and Brow Tinting 30 mins   $35.0

1/2 Set of Grafted Mink Lashes 90 mins   $150.0
1/2 Set of Grafted Acrylic Lashes 90 mins  $120.0
Full Set Grafted Mink Lashes 2 hrs  from $200.0
Full Set Grafted Acrylic Lashes 2 hrs  from $150.0

Mink 4 Week Refill from $99.0
Acrylic 4 Week Refill from $60.0


[gdlr_styled_box content_color=”#FFFFFF” background_color=”#008B8B” corner_color=”#40E0D0″ ]the-brow-doctor-150x150[gdlr_dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#555555″]#[/gdlr_dropcap]As an industry leader and innovator, with our own brow templates, we have always advocated the importance of natural brows. Body Bliss is committed to shaping beautiful, natural brows.

We also believe that getting your brows done should be a relaxed, pleasant, pain-free experience, devoid of hassle, stress and diva attitudes. Our multi-award winning Health and Beauty Retreat is the perfect place to unwind while our brow artists work their magic.

The moment our brow artist hands you a mirror to inspect their work will be a time to say “Fabulous” – a revelation that your eyebrows have never looked better – and that you have never looked so beautiful.

See more in our Brow Shaping in our Before and After gallery.

If you don’t think eyebrows are that important to your look, check out this meme!

celebrities with no brows

Source: 9gag.com